Environmental Economics

Measuring the Benefits of Reduced Exposure to Particulate Matter and Nitrogen Dioxide in Children

This report has two purposes. One is to indicate what data are required to estimate and to value the health effects of particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide on children. The second is to indicate precisely how these data should be used to compute an estimate of health effects.
The report describes the health, exposure, and economic data that would be needed to value the health benefits to children of reducing exposure to particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide. Section II summarizes the mechanisms by which these pollutants are thought to affect the respiratory system and suggests ways in which these health effects could be measure. Which aspects of exposure are relevant to respiratory health and how they might be measured are discussed in section III. In section IV, the assumptions about health and exposure needed to value health effects are made explicit, and formulas for computing short-term and long-term benefits of a reduction in pollution are presented. These benefit expressions are derived in Appendix A. which contains a formal model of parents' demand for child health. Appendix B describes in more detail the information needed to estimate benefits.

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