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Environmental Innovation and Regulation: Sifting Reality from Rhetoric, Executive Summary

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The principal purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which the current regulatory system creates barriers to environmental innovation. The research asked how environmental regulations actually affect manufacturing firms' decisions to innovate in their control or prevention of environmental releases. In addition, the authors sought to better understand the full range of hurdles to innovation that manufacturers face, so that they might put in context the relative importance of regulatory-induced innovation barriers.
The authors focused on how firms experience regulatory hurdles to innovation, the nature and extent of perceived hurdles, and the relative importance of hurdles in preventing innovation. In both structured interviews and with survey tools, they looked for instances where manufacturing firms had wanted to do something innovative but were prevented or hindered from doing so by the environmental regulatory regime. They analyzed firms' experiences to provide direction to policymakers for how they might remove or lower the regulatory hurdles to innovation.

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    Scott, Antony
    Lein, V. J.
    David, Elizabeth L.
    Downing, Donna M.
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    Empirical Application, Data Development
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    Environmental Regulation and Innovation: Sifting Reality from Rhetoric
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