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The Benefits of Regulating Hazardous Waste Disposal: Land Values as an Estimator, Volume II

This document is part of a larger study that investigated the hypothesis that hazardous waste sites depress the value of nearby properties. EE-0200A is the Executive Summary for the study (see list of all reports in the series above for link). The analysis was conducted in two phases. The first, reported in EE-0200B, consisted of an empirical analysis of the impact of a hazardous waste site on property values in two locations. The second phase, reported in this document, focused on a more detailed analysis of one of the original two sites. Overall, the study's findings failed to confirm the hypothesis. The authors offer a number of theoretical and empirical reasons for this result, and conclude that property value studies are not likely to be valid or useful for predicting the potential benefits of regulating hazardous waste sites.

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    Adler, Kenneth J.
    Anderson, Robert C.
    Cook, Zena L.
    Dower, Roger C.
    Ferguson, Allen R.
    Vickers, Margo J.
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    Methodology Development & Evaluation
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    The Benefits of Regulating Hazardous Waste Disposal
    Inventory Record #: EE-0200C
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    Date Linked: 05/28/2009