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Valuing Environmental Goods: A State of the Arts Assessment of the Contingent Valuation Method, Volume 1.A of Experimental Methods for Assessing Environmental Benefits

This document is the executive summary of a much larger companion report (EE-0280B) whose focus is a state of the art assessment of the contingent valuation method (CVM). The report explores many of the possible sources of bias and related counter-arguments. The larger study is divided into two major parts. Part I, summarized in Section B through F of this summary, is a literature review encompassing the historical setting of the contingent valuation method, its development and uses over a number of years, and potential relevance of research in experimental economics for the approach. Part I also considers the implications for the structure of survey instruments used in CVM, as well as for results of research findings in other disciplines, including psychology. Finally the Part I report focuses on the question of the accuracy of measures derived with the CVM.
Part II of the larger study, summarized in this summary in Sections G through L, presents results of a conference on "An Assessment of the State of the Arts of the Contingent Valuation Method," where the results of the research in Part I were subjected to critical review by a number of environmental economists and by a review panel consisting of Kenneth Arrow, Daniel Kahneman, Sherwin Rosen, and Vernon Smith. Major conclusions concerning the valuation approach are summarized.

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