Environmental Economics

Risk, Information, and Experimental Methods

The report consists of a number of papers, arranged in the following categories:

  1. Overview of Experimental Economics: "Economics and Ecology: A Comparison of Experimental Methodologies and Philosophies";
  2. Dynamic Inconsistency: "Dynamic Inconsistency in Contingent Valuation";
  3. Endogenous Risk: "Endogenous Risk and Protection Premiums," "Comparative Statics for Endogenous Risk: A Protection Premium for Reduced Production Uncertainty," "Uncertainty and Collective Risk Reduction," and "Valuing Potential Groundwater Protection Benefits";
  4. Endogenous Risk: Theory and Experiments: "Cooperative and Noncooperative Protection against Transferable and Filterable Externalities," "Multiple Risk Reduction Mechanisms and Risk Valuation: An Experimental Study," and "Preference Learning and Contingent Valuation Methods";
  5. Experiments on Risk and Contests with Repeated Market Trials: "Reexamining Efficient Rent Seeking in Laboratory Markets" and "Favorites and Underdogs: Strategic Behavior in an Experimental Contest";
  6. Risk and Bargaining Behavior: "The Impact of Imperfect Contract Enforcement on Bargaining Efficiency" and " Bargaining with Function: Some Preliminary Results."

1. Benefits Analysis
1. Benefits Analysis - Quantification without Monetization
1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation - Stated Preference
1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation - Stated Preference - Contingent Valuation
1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation
1. Benefits Analysis - Risk Communication and Other
Environmental Media:
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Shogren, Jason F.
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Kealy, Mary Jo
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Methodology Development & Evaluation
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