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The Use of Contingent Valuation Data for Benefit/Cost Analysis in Water Pollution Control

In this report, researchers revised and summarized the methodology and findings of a national freshwater quality benefits study (referred to as NWBS and which was the subject of an earlier report (Mitchell and Carson, 1984--see reports listed above)) and presented further thinking on the nature of the benefits studied and on distributional issues. In Chapter 1, the researchers present a summary of this study's findings and which reflects their further thinking on issues such as the nature of the benefts whichc the study measured and which extends their original analysist to address such topics as the distribution of the benefits and costs of water pollution control.
In Chapter 2 they address the issue of how their national data might be used to value local freshwater quality changes. The researchers also described the technique they have developed for using national data to value local freshwater quality benefits and apply it to estimate the benefits of a change from boatable to fishable status in the Monongahela River system in Pennsylvania. They compared the results to a local contingent valuation (CV) study conducted by Desvousges, Smith and McGivney (DSM) and discussed the findings. Finally the researchers presented the results of an innovative CV study to value public goods in California. In that study, willingness to pay estimates were used to successfully predict the actual vote in a water bond referendum.

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    Mitchell, Robert Cameron
    Carson, Richard T.
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    Caulkins, Peter
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    California, Pennsylvania, United States
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    Empirical Application, Methodology Development & Evaluation
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    Contingent Valuation of National Water Quality Improvments
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