Environmental Economics

Alternative Assessment Methods for Benefits of Acid Deposition Control

This document, prepared by Thomas D. Crocker with contributions by William D. Schulze, John T. Tschirhart and Ralph C. d'Arge during the late 1970s or early 1980s, examines the kinds of natural and social science information required if economic analysis is to reach its potential in analyzing the economic benefits of acid deposition control. The document starts with an intuitive treatment to what an economic control benefit is. This is followed by an overview of the kinds of plausible impacts acid deposition effects have. The overview is organized in terms of the types of economic sectors (such as outdoor recreation) that may be impacted. Following an additional section which describes the alternative techniques available to assess the economic benefits of acid deposition control, there is a discussion of application of techniques to discuss to types of impacted economic sectors. The final section is devoted to the limits on economic assessments of the benefits of acid deposition control. The discussion centers upon those features of the acid deposition control problem in which the availability of natural science dose-response information makes no difference in economic assessments because economists lack either the analytical and/or empirical tests to perform the assessments.

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    1. Benefits Analysis
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    1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation - Revealed Preference
    1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation - Cost of Damages Avoided
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