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Using Census Tract Deomgraphics as Proxies for Individual Demographics in Analysis Using the Knowledge Networks Intaernet Panel

This report has conducted several analyses to determine how tract demographic data can be used to apply survey results to a broader context and to test a survey panel for attrition that might affect whether samples drawn from such a panel are biased. The study that originally gathered the data can be found here.

Overall, results were quite encouraging.

  • Significant correlation between survey respondents and their home census tracts gives confidence that survey respondents can be considered as representatives of their census tract.
  • Regression analyses of individual and tract demographics produce coefficients with similar sign and magnitude.
  • Sample enumeration using coefficients from individual regression models of three survey values produces nearly identical results whether individual or tract demographic variables are used.
  • Panel attrition reveals significant differences between panel attrition levels. However, sample enumeration using coefficients from the tract regression model for water quality values produces nearly identical results at every attrition level.
  • Models of tract demographic outcomes based upon tract demographics are quite similar at every panel attrition level.
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    Bell, Jason
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    Empirical Application, Methodology Development & Evaluation, Data Development
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