Environmental Economics

Reconciling Averting Behavior and Contingent Valuation Benefit Estimates of Reducing Symptoms of Ozone Exposure

This report uses a data set to reconcile differences between the contingent valuation method and the averting behavior method estimates of reduced ozone-related health symptoms. The reconciliation approach, which focuses on the contingent valuation method, involved three steps. First. each respondent was directly asked for his willingness-to-pay to avoid one day of recently experienced ozone-related symptoms such as headache, cough, and chest tightness. Second, each bid was multiplied by the number of times per month that a symptom occurs and monthly bids are totaled across symptoms. Third, respondents were advised of these totals and given an opportunity to revise their bids. Results obtained from data collected in 1986 from residents of Glendora and Burbank California, revealed that averages of revised bids were dramatically lower than averages of original bids.

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    Dickie, Mark
    Gerking, Shelby D.
    Brookshire, David S.
    Coursey, Don L.
    Schulze, William D.
    Coulson, Anne
    Tashkin, Donald
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    Carlin, Alan
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    California, Los Angeles
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    Empirical Application, Methodology Development & Evaluation
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    Improving Accuracy and Reducing Costs of Environmental Benefit Assessments
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