Environmental Economics

Hours of Work, Labor Productivity, and Environmental Conditions: A Case Study

In this paper, the productivity changes and consequent earnings adjustments that occur under differing work conditions for 17 individual citrus pickers in southern California are assessed. Interest is centered upon the acute effects of two environmental factors, ambient ozone (O3) and ambient temperature, upon the daily work performance of these individuals. Since each individual is separately analyzed, the host of plausible confounding influences (e.g., experience, biological endowments, health histories, etc.) to which one must devote attention when dealing with the fictional "representative" individual are relevant here only insofar as they change within the short time periods being considered.

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    1. Benefits Analysis - Quantification without Monetization
    1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation - Cost of Damages Avoided
    1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation - Cost of Damages Avoided - Productivity
    1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation
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    Crocker, Thomas D.
    Horst, Jr., Robert L.
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    Carlin, Alan
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    Empirical Application, Methodology Development & Evaluation
    Inventory Record #: EE-0287
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