Environmental Economics

The Contingent Valuation of Environmental Resources: Methodological Issues and Research Needs

This book features papers examining the current stat-of-the-art in the valuation of environental resources and, in particular, the meaningfulness of environmental resource values obtained through the contingent valuation method. An internationally prominent group of 21 scholars develops a fuller understading of the strengths and weakenesses of the methodology and discusses a research agenda to improve estimates of environmental resource values. Economic valuation obtained through the survey measurement of consumer preferences is central to their discussion.

The authors describe how practitioners, critics, and users of contingent valuaiton have framed the fundamental issues that must be solved if the approach is to gain wider acceptance. The current state-of-the-art is outlined in a series of core papers and then debated in discussion papers. Issues covered include the need for a broad perspective in valuation research, support for replication studies, the relationship between survey structure and survey responses, thie processes by which environmental resources affect individual well-being, specific issues regarding environmental goods in surveys, and better tests of internal and external validity.

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    1. Benefits Analysis
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    1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation - Stated Preference - Contingent Valuation
    1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation - Stated Preference - Non-contingent Valuation
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