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Secondary Impacts of Transportation and Wastewater Investments: Reviews and Bibliography

The Bibliography contains a review of over fifty major studies and three hundred relevant reports related to secondary environmental impacts on various forms of public investments, e.g. land based transportation and wastewater treatment and collection systems. The Bibliography is organized into four sections: Section I is subdivided into: (a) a review of secondary impacts classified according to type of investment (highways, mass transit, and wastewater treatment systems): (b) where possible, according to type of secondary effect (economic, social and land use); and (c) a brief summary of modeling technique which may be utilized to analyze and project likely secondary environmental impacts. Section II condenses the findings of about fifty major studies related to land transportation and wastewater treatment systems. Section III is an annotated bibliography of about three hundred relevant studies. Section IV classifies these literature studies by: (a) impact; (b) investment type; (c) geographic area examined; (d) type of study; and (e) type of analytic techniques used in assessing secondary effects.

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