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The Economics of Clean Water - 1972 - Executive Summary and 3 Volumes

This is the fifth annual report to Congress on the national requirement and costs of water pollution control, as required by Section 26(a) of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended. The report represents EPA's estimates of the investment levels necessary meet applicable water quality objectives in both the municipal and industrial sectors.
Volume I, The Report, describes the analyses and surveys which were undertaken to arrive at the investment estimates. This analysis included an industrial cost model which was used to estimate required industrial investment and a detailed study of available data on industrial water use trends. The amount of planned construction for municipal waste water facilities obtained by a survey and a statistical model using municipal data is presented. The volume also contains the water pollution index for estimating the condition of the nation's water and evaluation of benefits and costs of various waste treatment levels from a national point of view.
Volume II, Data and Technical Appendices, provides the basic input and output data fro the industrial facilities evaluation model as well as a description of the model itself. It includes the method and data used for the pollution index and the procedure used for the survey of planned construction of municipal waste treatment facilities.
Volume III, Industry Expenditures for Water Pollution Abatement, is the report by the Conference Board of a survey undertaken to provide detailed information on the industrial view of water pollution control costs.
A fourth volume is a summary of major findings and conclusions of the analysis contained in the report.

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