Environmental Economics

Impact of the Federal Tax Code on Resource Recovery

This report assesses the extent to which a variety of Federal tax subsidies to extractive industries affect the materials flow in competing secondary industries. The impacts of tax subsidies on virgin material supply curves for the steel, paper, lead, copper, and aluminum industries are analyzed in detail. The flows of virgin and secondary materials industries are analyzed in detail. The flows of virgin and secondary materials industries are characterized at points where the two materials substitute as inputs to production and consumption. Econometric models specified at these points of substitution are used to analyze the impacts of the tax subsidies on the quantities of secondary materials which are recycled. Within the limits of existing plant and equipment, the authors estimate that elimination of tax subsidies to virgin material industries would increase the flow of scrap steel by 0.42 percent, of wastepaper by 0.67 percent, of lead by 0.75 percent, of copper by 0.35 percent, and of aluminum by 1.7 percent. These estimates make no allowance for the long-run effects on investment which may arise from the subsidization of one of two competing industries. When investment effects and other Federal policies (especially Interstate Commerce Commission regulation of freight rates, labeling requirements for scrap-based products, and the free access to minerals on Federal lands) are also considered, the authors believe that the cumulative adverse impact on recycling may be far larger than the relatively modest effects measured in this report.

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