Environmental Economics

Re-Calculation of Cost Data for Existing Mobile Source Regulatory Analyses

In a previous study for EPA, the authors reviewed and critiqued EPA cost-effectiveness analyses for major mobile source regulations an recommended ways for improving future EPA analyses. This study implements many of these recommendations for the following 10 regulations:

    HC/CO emission standards for light-duty trucks
    HC/CO emission standards for heavy-duty trucks
    Light-duty evaporative emission standards
    Heavy-duty evaporative emission standards
    Light-duty and heavy-duty truck NOx emission standards
    Light-duty diesel particulate standards
    Heavy-duty diesel particulate standards
    1982 and 1983 model year high-altitude emission standards
    1984 aircraft emission standards
    Exhaust and crankcase regulations for 1978 and later model year motorcycles.
Chapter 1 summarizes the cost estimates developed and provides an overview of the conventions used for the re-estimation of costs. The remaining 10 chapters contain brief reviews of the cost analysis for individual regulations. Included in each are the summaries of the previous and recalculated EPA cost estimates, discussion of differences between the current and previous analyses, assumptions and methodologies, and a set of detailed tables documenting each component of the revised costs.

    3. Cost and Economic Impacts Analysis
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