Environmental Economics

Multimedia Benefit Assessment: A Proposed Workplan

The primary purpose is to improve EPA's ability to report systematically the accomplishments of current and future programs. The report summarizes the current state of knowledge and data bases that can be applied to evaluating the costs, effects, and benefits of actions that improve ambient environmental quality. The results are presented as a computational framework that covers the following system elements: (1) residuals generation and discharge, (2) residuals modification and associated costs, (3) residuals dispersion and assimilation in the environmental media, (4) exposure and response of human and other species to the ambient environmental quality, (5) effects of such exposure and response, and (6) monetary valuation of the benefits of residuals modification.

  • Keywords

    1. Benefits Analysis
    1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation
    1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation - Stated Preference
    1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation - Revealed Preference
    1. Benefits Analysis - Valuation - Cost of Damages Avoided
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    f. Multimedia
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    United States
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    Methodology Development & Evaluation, Methodology Guidelines
    Inventory Record #: EE-0384
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