Environmental Economics

A Review and Critique of Tolley, Randall et al., "Establishing and Valuing the Effects of Improved Visibility in the Eastern United States"

The study presents a comprehensive methodological analysis of the Tolley Randall et al. studies. In doing so, it draws broadly on the methodology of the social sciences, with particular emphasis psychology, which has a long tradition of asking people questions and analyzing their responses, as a function of who the respondents are, how the questions have been posed, and what situational factors have been manipulated. The critique suggest two lines of research as being particularly important. The first is to develop some reasoned basis for determining how contingent valuation questions should be formulated. There seems to be too much latitude and arbitrariness in deciding what questions to ask, which greatly complicates comparisons among studies and extrapolation to policy questions. The second research need is to develop procedures for determining whether respondents actually understand the experimental question and how they value the good being offered in it. Along with these procedures, there is a need for ways to increase respondents' understanding, so that they can provide answers to the questions that policy makers need to ask.

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    1. Benefits Analysis
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    Empirical Application, Methodology Development & Evaluation
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