Environmental Economics

Measuring Household Soiling Damages from Suspended Air Particulates: A Methodological Inquiry, Volume V of Methods Development for Environmental Control Benefits Assessment

As measured by the "frequency" approach to estimating household cleaning costs, annual household cleaning costs, annual household soiling damages in the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Delaware area range from $762 per household (1980 dollars) to $1,386 per household in "do-it-yourself" households as air particulate concentrations range from 40 micrograms per cubic meter to 123 micrograms per cubic meter, such damages for households that hire others to perform household cleaning tasks range from $1,531/household to $2,683/household in the same range for particulate concentrations. Marginal household soiling damages attributable to air particulates are estimated at 46.63/household per micrograms per cubic meter.
The willingness to pay approach to estimating particulate-related household soiling damages is found to be infeasible. Average annual contingent valuations related to the total elimination of air particulates were some $7.32/household in the Los Angeles area and $2.68/household in the Philadelphia area.
Individuals in the Los Angeles and Philadelphia areas indicated a maximum willingness to pay of $32.83/month and $12.59/month, respectively, for the elimination of all air pollutants. These total bids are allocated to pollution effects as follows: 66-76% health; 13-18% visibility; and 0-16% household soiling.
A modified frequency approach to estimating household soiling damages would likely be very effective in terms of providing consistent estimates.
The report is divided into four parts and 13 chapters as follows:

    Part I. Introduction and Problem Statement, includes the following chapters:
      Soiling and Materials-Damage Effects from Air Pollution: A Technical Sketch
      Economic Assessments of Air Pollution-related Household Effects
      The Booz-Allen Study: A Critique
      Bringing It All Together: Plan of Study.
    Part II. Adjusted Booz-Allen Measures for Particulate-related Household Soiling Costs, includes the following chapters:
      6. Components of Booz-Allen Measures for Soiling Costs
      7. Imputed Costs for Household Labor
      8. Soiling Damages Related to Particulate Level
      9. Conclusions Concerning the Booz-Allen Approach to Estimating Soiling Damages.
    Part III. An Alternative Measure for Household Soiling Damages Attributable to Particulate Level, includes the following chapters:
      10. The Conceptual Problem
      11. A contingent Valuation Approach to Measuring Household Soiling Damages
      12. Analysis of Contingent Valuation Results.
    Part IV. Summary and Conclusions, includes only one chapter:
      13. Summary and Conclusions.
The report concludes with references, a bibliography, and two appendices.
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