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Scoping Assessment of the Environmental Health Risk Associated with Accidents in the LWR Supporting Fuel Cycle

The purpose of this report is to provide a framework for evaluating the health risk associated with accidents in the nuclear fuel cycle. The analysis is confined to the light-water-cooled reactor (LWR) fuel cycle which uses recycled uranium and plutonium. All components of the conventional fuel cycle are included except waste management. Only the effects of radiation on human health are considered. Risk is defined as the product of the expected consequences of an accident and its likelihood of occurrence. Information on postulated accidents, compositions and magnitudes of radiological releases associated with there accidents, and the likelihood of occurrence are obtained from the literature. Release information is converted to doses and a deposition model is used to determine total population dose to critical organs of humans in the environment. The report determines that transportation accidents dominate the total accident risk and discusses the conclusions of the report about the risks.

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