Environmental Economics

Public Knowledge and Perception of Chemical Risks in Six Communities: Analysis of a Baseline Survey

The purpose of the study was to conduct a survey of public perceptions regarding chemical risks in six U.S. communities. The results of the survey establish a baseline for evaluating change over time in knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors in response to new information about toxic chemicals. In 1988, 3,129 citizens were randomly selected for the survey. The communities were Albuquerque, New Mexico; Cincinnati, Ohio; Durham, North Carolina; Middlesex County, New Jersey; Racine, Wisconsin; and Richmond, Virginia. Major new stories concerning Superfund, Title III and other risk communication activities in these communities are being collected, and a subsequent survey will be conducted. The report provides a broad overview of citizen perceptions of environmental risks in their communities.

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    1. Benefits Analysis
    1. Benefits Analysis - Risk Communication and Other
    Environmental Media:
    c. Land
    d. Chemicals
    c. Land - Solid Waste/RCRA
    c. Land - Superfund/CERCLA
    d. Chemicals - Toxic Substances
    McCallum, David B.
    Hammond, Sharon Lee
    Morris, Louis A.
    Covello, Vincent T.
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    Fisher, Ann
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    Data Development
    Inventory Record #: EE-0079
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