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The Effects of Variations in Gamefish Abundance on Texas Recreational Fishing Demand: Welfare Estimates

In an extensive earlier paper (Cameron, 1988a) the author developed a fully utility-theoretic model for the demand for recreational fishing access days, applied to a sample of 3366 Texas Gulf Coast anglers. The model employs "contingent valuation" and "travel cost" data, jointly, in the process of calibrating a single utility function defined over fishing days versus all other goods and services. The theoretical specification (quadratic direct utility) and the econometric implementation will not be reproduced here. In this application, the author supplements the original data set with information from the ongoing Resource Monitoring Program of the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife. The RMP concerns all species, but the paper focuses on the abundance of the primary game fish (red drum) across the eight major by systems and over time. This improves upon earlier studies which utilize endogenous actual catch information. The author allows the parameters of the underlying utility function to vary systematically with exogenously measured abundance to assess the impact of this important resource attribute upon the demand for access days. The author uses as measures of the social value of the fishery under current conditions and under alternative fish stock scenarios.

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