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NCEE Database Summaries and Sample Records

This report summarizes information on the various Lotus Notes databases that constituted the National Center for Environmental Economics (NCEE) Website as of 2001 or have been prepared or are being prepared for possible use on it, as well as the corresponding physical databases on which some of the Website databases are based. The information is organized by Lotus Notes database, and the databases are arranged according to Website usage during the period of February to June 2000 so as to put the most used databases first. The major exception is that all those databases that had usage below 0.64% of ICF hits during this period are grouped randomly at the end of Part 1 since no precise data is available on their usage other than that is was less than 0.64% (with one possible exception). For each database, a standardized set of information is presented that describes various characteristics and contents of the database. In most cases a sample report record listing all data fields of the database is also provided. The major exceptions are the on-line reports, which consist of as many individualized records as required to house each particular report. In the case of these on-line reports, a record is included only for the first one.

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