Environmental Economics

Socio-economic Factors Affecting Demand for Municipal Collection of Household Refuse

This study investigates the relationship between several socio-economic characteristics and household refuse. In particular, the two socio-economic variables, income and race, appear to have significant effects on the demand for municipally-provided waste collection services. There is a marked seasonal variation in the comparative effects of income and race, alone or in combination. One interpretation of these effects, based on data from quantities of municipal waste collected in Chicago, is that solid waste consists of two components. The basic component is constant throughout the year and is independent of income and race. The additional component fluctuates greatly with the season, and is lower in the winter. It is very sensitive toward income and race, except in midsummer. Then it stems from different but unidentified consumption activities, which are independent of income, and are more popular with nonwhite than with white families. The general conclusion is that the demand for household refuse collection service in Chicago is a positive function of the income level and the fraction of nonwhites using the municipal service.

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    Shaeffer, John R.
    Tolley, George S.
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    Albrecht, Oscar
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    Chicago, Illinois
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    Empirical Application, Data Development
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