Environmental Economics

Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition Loadings to the Chesapeake Bay: An Initial Analysis of the Cost Effectiveness of Control Options

This report examines the cost effectiveness of control options which reduce nitrate deposition to the Chesapeake watershed and to the tidal Bay. The report analyzes current estimates of the reductions expected in the ozone transport region. Two regional models, the Regional Acid Deposition Model of the airshed and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model (CBWM), track nitrate and its precursors from emission to deposition, and from deposition in the watershed to the tidal Bay.
The ultimate object of this analysis is to determine the sources of atmospheric nitrate deposited to the Bay, the loads from each major source, the load reduction amount brought about by controls, and the cost of these reductions. The analysis of control option cost effectiveness reported here contributes to the establishment of a first-order estimate of control cost and is useful in distinguishing control options of relatively greater or lesser cost effectiveness.

  • Keywords

    1. Benefits Analysis
    2. Cost-Benefit and Cost Effectiveness Analysis
    1. Benefits Analysis - Quantification without Monetization
    2. Cost-Benefit and Cost Effectiveness Analysis - Specific Sectors and Pollutants
    Environmental Media:
    a. Air
    a. Air - Mobile Source
    a. Air - Stationary Source
    a. Air - Tropospheric
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    Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Kentucky
    Study Purpose:
    Empirical Application, Data Development, Policy Evaluation
    Inventory Record #: EE-0007
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    E.H. Pechan and Associates, Inc.Address: 5537-C Hempstead Way
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    Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation, Multi-Media and Strategic Analysis Division and Chesapeake Bay Program Office.Address:
    City: Washington and Annapolis State: DC and MD ZIP: 20460
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    EPA 230-R-96-012
    68-D3-0035, Work Assignment #II-76, Task 4
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    Date Linked: 05/28/2009