Environmental Economics

Guide for Analysis for Integrated Residuals Management - Draft Final Report

This guide provides an overall framework for analysis for residuals environmental quality management (REQM) and was written to assist those responsible for conducting regional REQMs. Residuals are defined neutrally as the nonproductive output from human activity (such as pollution and waste products). The guide describes the basic steps which must be taken in order to generate information for decisions on environmental quality management and it describes methods of analysis that can be used to generate the needed information. Examples of actual regional studies are used to illustrate the use of methods. This guide concerns all aspects of REQM including the generation of residuals at the source, analyzing the fate of residuals in the environment and exposure of humans to those residuals, identifying least-cost management strategies for meeting ambient air and water quality standards and target levels of environmental quality, and identifying implementation procedures to induce action.

  • Keywords

    1. Benefits Analysis
    3. Cost and Economic Impacts Analysis
    1. Benefits Analysis - Quantification without Monetization
    3. Costs and Economic Impact Analysis - Methodology
    Environmental Media:
    b. Water
    c. Land
    f. Multimedia
    b. Water - Surface
    c. Land - Solid Waste/RCRA
    Bower, Blair T.
    Spofford Jr., Walter O.
    Waddell, Thomas E.
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    Geographic Area:
    Study Purpose:
    Empirical Application, Data Development, Policy Evaluation
    Inventory Record #: EE-0279
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