Environmental Economics

Framework - Case Study Design for a Risk Benefit Analysis of Pesticides in the Special Review Process -- Draft Final Report for 1985

This report summarizes work undertaken under a cooperative agreement with the same name during 1995. The work falls into three categories involving developing methods for:

    (1) Estimating the benefits of pesticide use (Section 2),
    (2) Estimating pesticide productivity (Section 3), and
    (3) Evaluating the impacts of framworker safety regulations (Section 4).
Work under area (1) involved two studies:
    (a) A conceptual framework for incorporating the impact of agricultural policies on the welfare effects of pesticide regulation, applied to several major crops (Section 2B),
    (b) Refinements of the methodology for obtaining estimates of the regional welfare economic impacts of pesticide regulations, applied to regulations affecting the U.S. cotton industry (Section 2C).
Work under area (2) involved refining the methodology for econometric estimation of pesticide productivity (Section 3B), applied to data on pesticide use on cotton the San Joaquin Valley of California (Section 3C).
Work under area (3) involved developing a framework for assessing the tradeoff between growers' revenue losses and the risk of organophosphate poisoning inherent in re-entry regulation of organophosphate use on apples in Washington, California, and Michigan.
  • Keywords

    2. Cost-Benefit and Cost Effectiveness Analysis
    2. Cost-Benefit and Cost Effectiveness Analysis - Methodology
    Environmental Media:
    d. Chemicals
    d. Chemicals - Pesticides
    Zilberman, David
    Lichtenberg, Erik
    EPA Project Officer/ Manager:
    Geographic Area:
    California, Michigan, Washington
    Study Purpose:
    Empirical Application, Methodology Development & Evaluation
    Inventory Record #: EE-0105
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    Western Consortium for the Health Professions, Inc.Address: 703 Market Street, Ste. 535
    City: San Francisco State: CA ZIP: 94103
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    Environmental Protection AgencyAddress:
    City: Washington State: DC ZIP: 20460
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