Environmental Economics

Valuing Chronic Morbidity Damages

The study obtained valuations of severe cases of chronic bronchitis using an interactive computer program that elicited key tradeoff rates using paired comparisons until a point of indifference was reached. The methodology focused primarily on risk-risk tradeoffs in which chronic bronchitis-auto accident fatality risk tradeoffs were obtained. Various risk-dollar tradeoffs were also obtained. The sample consisted of almost 600 shoppers from Greensboro, North Carolina. The authors state that the report differs from then existing research in two ways. First the health outcome considered is chronic bronchitis rather than an acute health effect, such as accidental death. Second, the researchers utilized an interactive computer program to ascertain the points of indifference for tradeoffs involving chronic morbidity risks and several attributes such as cost of living, storm damage, and automobile fatalities.
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