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Data Requirements for Valuation of Children’s Health Effects and Alternatives to Valuation

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Paper Number: 2002-06

Document Date: 09/16/2002

Authors: Kimberly M. Thompson

Subject Areas: Risk Assessment; Valuation; Children's Health

Keywords: children; risk assessment; valuation

Abstract: Appropriate characterization and valuation of the health risks specific to children is important for effective environmental health risk management. This paper highlights the typical information provided by risk analysts about risks to children and the information needs of economic analysts. Particular emphasis is given to transparency in risk characterization (Browner, 1995) and the required assumptions to bridge the data and knowledge gaps. This paper also provides strategies intended to promote discussion and cooperation between risk and economic analysts, including a list of questions to ensure that key issues are discussed in advance of and during the risk assessment process. Finally, the paper provides an example of coordinated risk and economic analyses that characterized and valued risks and benefits for children.

Attachment: 2002-06.pdf (280K, About PDF)

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