Environmental Economics

Valuing Environmental Quality Changes

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    This project is designed to explore some promising new approaches for valuing environmental quality changes from market-related and contingent valuation approaches. An important part of the project is the collection of a set of data on the recreational use of an environmental resource. It will provide a valuable opportunity to investigate the empirical significance and implications of the alternative approaches for valuing quality changes. Several recent theoretical innovations will be implemented: non-parametric testing of whether a single preference function can explain the observed responses, and if not, how many are; combining travel cost information, actual behavior and contingent data on how trips taken may change as quality changes; ascertaining the relationship between minimum expenditure changes with quality; and demonstrating a method of obtaining changes in expenditure with quality changes from market data alone under two-stage budgeting.
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    Larson, Douglas M.
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    California at Davis, University of
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