Environmental Economics

House Prices During Unwanted Facility Siting Decision Stages

  • Abstract
    The objective of this study is to develop a method for measuring some of the costs associated with siting a locally unwanted land use. This study will be limited to the impact of locally unwanted land uses on residential property values. Unwanted facilities are not a momentary phenomenon, nor do they suddenly appear. Their life cycle extends from pre-siting rumors to ongoing operations. Previous studies of disamenities have measured property values at only two points in time, once before an undesirable facility has been sited and once afterwards. In this study, the methodology has been explicitly designed to measure how the effects of the disamenity on residential property values evolves over the life cycle of the disamenity. A better understanding of the dynamics of disamenities, and if they change in nature or effect over time, will be gained.
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    McClain, Katherine T.
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    Pennsylvania State University
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