Environmental Economics

Social and Economic Factors Affecting the Adoption of Water Protection Strategies on Rented Cropland and Implications for Water Quality Protection Policies and Programs

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    This project seeks to (1) analyze the implementation of water quality protection strategies on rented cropland in regions of high susceptibility to water contamination due to farm chemical use: (2) analyze the impact of socioeconomic links between landlords and renters, as well as implications of legal and contractual factors, in the adoption of protection strategies; (3) analyze landlord motivations, objectives, and constraints tied to the adoption of improved practices; (4) compare the attitudes of landlords and operators on pesticide and water quality issues; (5) refine and elaborate models of decision making on water protection practices on rented cropland; (6) make recommendations on enlisting greater landlord participation in groundwater protection programs; and (7) make recommendations on water protection policies and programs based on the research findings. The major research data will come from 420 person-to-person structured interviews of paired operators and landlords in six counties of high susceptibility. In addition, two qualitative watershed case studies will be used. Dependent variables will be primarily the implementation of strategies available to renters and landlords for protecting water quality and reducing the use of specific chemical inputs. Surveys will focus on risk assessments, personal motivations and objectives, attitudes toward water quality issues, rental and contractual arrangements, attitudes toward alternative management strategies, use of various strategies, utilization of external sources, and perceptions of renter and landowner willingness to collaborate on the adoption of improved practices.
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