Environmental Economics

The Economic Impacts of Ozone Regulations in the Central Valley of California

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    This study analyses the benefits and costs of controlling ozone in the Central Valley of California. The benefits of ozone control for both crops and human health will be combined for the aggregate estimates. The costs of meeting the ozone regulation will be assessed under a range of alternative emission control methods. These methods will include the traditional command and control approach as well as approaches based on incentives, such as a system permitting emission. The relative efficiency of these different control methods will be calculated by comparing the net benefits of each method, including the evaluation of the distribution of benefits and costs for population, agriculture and industry. Finally, predicted geographic patterns of urbanization and population growth, in the Central Valley, will be used to assess future benefits of ozone control and examine the effectiveness of different ozone regulatory systems.
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    Howitt, Richard E.
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    California at Davis, University of
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