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Rule Title: Sulfur emissions: Other processes which emit sulfur

Nevada Administrative Code
Affected Area
Agency-Wide Provisions
Nac, Chapter 445B, Chapter 445, Air Controls – General Provisions
Rule #
Adoption Date
Submittal Date
Final Federal Register Date
Federal Register Citation #
71 FR 15040


NAC 445B.2205 Sulfur emissions: Other processes which emit sulfur. 1. No person may cause or permit the emission of sulfur compounds where the sulfur originates in the material being processed, excluding hydrogen sulfide and sulfur from all solid, liquid or gaseous fuel, in excess of the quantity determined by the following equation: E = 0.292P0.904 when “E” is equal to or greater than 10 pounds per hour. When “E” is less than 10 pounds per hour, the gas stream concentration must not exceed 1,000 ppm by volume. 2. For the purposes of subsection 1: (a) “E” means the allowable sulfur emission in pounds per hour. (b) “P” means the total feed sulfur, excluding hydrogen sulfide, in pounds per hour. 3. When sulfur emissions are due to sulfur contributions from both the fuel and the material being processed, the allowable emissions must be the sum of those allowed by this section and NAC 445B.22047. 4. Incinerators used solely for the control of odor by the combustion of noxious sulfur containing compounds are exempt from the provisions of NAC 445B.2204 to 445B.2205, inclusive, and are governed by the provisions of NAC 445B.22027 to 445B.22037, inclusive, and 445B.287 to 445B.3497, inclusive. [Environmental Comm’n, Air Quality Reg. 8.3.1-8.4, eff. 11-7-75]—(NAC A 9-5-84; 9-19-90; 12-26-91; 12-13-93; 10-30-95; 5-3-96; R105-97, 3-5-98)—(Substituted in revision for NAC 445B.374)

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