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Rule Title: Monitoring systems: Recordation of data

Nevada Administrative Code
Affected Area
Agency-Wide Provisions
Nac, Chapter 445B, Chapter 445, Air Controls – General Provisions
Rule #
Adoption Date
Submittal Date
Final Federal Register Date
Federal Register Citation #
71 FR 71486

Nac, Chapter 445B, Chapter 445, Air Controls – General Provisions (doc, 58 KB)

NAC 445B.264 [455.691] Monitoring systems: Recordation of data. 1. Owners or operators of all continuous monitoring systems for the measurement of opacity shall reduce all data to 6-minute averages and for systems other than opacity to 1-hour averages. 2. For systems other than opacity, 1-hour averages must be computed from four or more data points equally spaced over each 1-hour period. 3. Data recorded during periods of system breakdowns, repairs, calibration checks, and zero and span adjustments must not be included in the data averages computed under this section. An arithmetic or integrated average of all calibrated data must be used. The data output of all continuous monitoring systems may be recorded in reduced or nonreduced form, e.g., ppm pollutant and percent O or lb/million Btu of pollutant. 2 4. All excess emissions must be converted into units of the standard using the applicable conversion procedures specified in NAC 445B.001 to 445B.3497, inclusive. After conversion into units of the standard, the data may be rounded to the same number of significant digits used in those sections to specify the applicable standard, e.g., rounded to the nearest 1 percent opacity. 5. As used in this section, “calibrated data” means data which is precise and accurate within a stated acceptance criteria for the instrument. [Environmental Comm’n, Air Quality Reg. 2.17.8, eff. 12-4-76]—(NAC A 10-22-87; R118-00, 9-25-2000)

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