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Notes: Other relevant information


Additional information relevant to the Tulare County portion of the SIP: 1. Rule 411, Storage of Petroleum Products Superseded by Rule 463.02 on 01/28/92. 2. Rule 414, Effluent Oil Water Separator Superseded by Rule 463.04 on 05/30/91. 3. Rule 410.1, Architectural Coatings Superseded by Rule 460.1 on 05/30/91. 4. Mid-Term Measures, Accelerated Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) requirements for Medium-Duty Vehicles (Measure M3), Heavy-Duty Vehicles NOx regulations (Measure M5), Heavy-Duty Gasoline Vehicles lower emission standards (Measure M8), Industrial Equipment, Gas & LPG-3-way catalyst technology (Measure M11), Mid-Term Consumer Products (Measure P-2), as contained in the CA SIP for Ozone, Volume II: The Air Resources Board's Mobile Sources and Consumer Products Elements. (adopted 11/15/94) published in the FR 12/14/95, 60 FR 64126. 5. Rule 410.4 Surface Coating of Mfg MP&P. Superseded by SJVU Rule 4603 on 11/18/93. 6. Rule 410.5, Cutback Asphalt Paving Material, submitted 10/15/79 is superseded by SJV Rule 463.1, submitted 01/28/92. 7. Correction of Designation of Areas for Air Quality Planning Purposes; California - PM-10 Nonattainment Areas, published June 23, 2003, 68 FR 37090.

This SIP Citation Was Last Modified on July 11, 2003. EPA has attempted to assure that the action logs accurately reflect the actions published in the Federal Register. If there are discrepancies, however, the Federal Register is the official record. Send State Implementation Plan comments and questions to wilder.ceciley@epa.gov.

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