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Environmental Justice Outreach and Training

Fundamentals of Environmental Justice Workshop

For schedule information, contact Running-Grass, Region 10 Environmental Justice Program Coordinator, at grass.running@epa.gov or 206-553-2899.

Workshop Description: The Fundamentals of Environmental Justice one-day workshop is a highly interactive, thought provoking and "learner-centered" experience. Based on principles of community education, this workshop is the one day "compressed" version of the full three day workshop. The workshop is useful for all experience levels and positions and draws upon the knowledge and experiences of participants for local examples of Environmental Justice issues and collaborative problem-solving approaches to their resolution.

The workshop was developed by the Environmental Justice Training Collaborative, an informal, multi-stakeholder, national network of people agencies interested in improving capacity to deliver effective Environmental Justice training to EJ stakeholders and the general public. It has been extensively peer-reviewed and widely conducted in keeping with the objective of building a consistent baseline of knowledge about the dynamic and evolving field of Environmental Justice. While there are no prerequisites for the workshop, a short pre-workshop survey is required and an optional reading list is sent at registration.

Among the topics introduced in the workshop are:

  • Comparative Definitions of Environmental Justice
  • Historical Context of Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Justice Acts, Authorities and the Executive Order
  • Environmental Justice Case Studies
  • Environmental Justice Analysis
Environmental Justice Partners Conference Call
EPA Region 10 convenes regional stakeholder conference calls to help continue the conversation on environmentalism and environmental justice. Please submit suggestions for topics and agenda items to Sheryl Stohs. For more information contact Sheryl Stohs at 206-553-0250.
Call-in number: 1-866-299-3188
Code/PIN: 2065536524
Date Time (Pacific)Topics/Speakers
June 27 (tentative)TBDEJ Small Grants Training - Sheryl Stohs, EPA
November 510:00amWorkshop on web-based Community exposure and assessment tools - Valerie Zartarian, EPA Office of Research and Development
Past Conference Calls
April 11EPA EJ Strategic Plans and Roadmap recap and planning
January 24National Radon Month - Davis Zhen, EPA Region 10 and Twa-Le Abrahamson, Spokane Tribal Natural Resources Dept. discussed radon, its prevalence, testing, and remediation, and resources that the Spokane Tribe has found for managing rads and radon issues.
March 22 Addressing environmental health disparities.
April 26Using ecosystem services to protect and preserve healthy and resilient ecosystems, and livable urban and rural areas into the future. A case study from the Willamette Partnership.
May 24Region 10's EJ Roadmap, Running-Grass, R10 Regional EJ Coordinator.
June 21"EJ and the Law", by Cliff Villa, EPA Region 10 Office of Regional Counsel.
July 23 Region 10 EJ Strategic Roadmap Webinar
August 21-22Second annual EPA Region 10 online grants training.
Download the Training Materials
September 25thR10 Grants Training II: EJ Small Grants Application and Tips and Lessons Learned
October 29thOnline Tools for Environmental Assessment
November 27Good Neighbor Agreements
February 24Lon Kissinger, EPA Risk Assessor on Multipollutant Risk Assessment in EPA's Superfund Program.
March 24Vi Waghiyi, Environmental Justice Program Director for Alaska Community Action on Toxics, and Diana Eignor, EPA toxicologist from the aquatic criteria branch will discuss emerging contaminants of concern, including aquatic life and human health endpoints.
April 21John Faust and Lauren Zeise, CAL/EPA Environmental Justice and Risk Assessment Team, and Devon Payne-Sturges, EPA Environmental Health Scientist and researcher in health disparities and risk assessment, will talk about cumulative health risk, including multiple contributors (health and social status included) to risk and how to account for them in risk analysis.
May 26Columbia River Toxics Reduction Strategy with Marylou Soscia, EPA, and Kathleen Feehan George, Cedar Consulting; formerly Senior Policy Analyst with the Umatilla Tribe.
June 23Two speakers on air quality issues and community based action: Azibuike Akaba, Policy Associate for RAMP, (http://www.rampasthma.org/), an Oakland, CA-based Regional Asthma Management and Prevention Collaborative, and part of the Dirty Diesel Collaborative, and Chris Fish, Associate Environmental Health Consultant with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium.
July 28Running-Grass, EPA Region 10 Environmental Justice Coordinator, Sheryl Stohs and Rochelle Labiosa, EJ Core Team; Region 10 Strategic Plan, Assessing Progress Since the October 2010 EJ Forum, and New EJ Activities at the Region.
August 25Green marketing initiatives for sustainable agriculture: Matthew Buck, Associate Director of Food Alliance, (www.foodalliance.org), a nonprofit organization that sets sustainable guidelines, does sustainable certification for food producers and handlers, and acts as a sustainable food network.
September 22Catalina Garzón, Acting Program Co-Director with the Pacific Institute's Community Strategies for Sustainability and Justice Program. Scoping and assessing disproportionate impacts using community input and implications for policymakers with a case study on nitrate in groundwater
October 27October is Children's Health Month with a focus on healthy schools: Margo Young, EPA, and Mike Anderson, Bellingham WA Schools, on Promoting Healthy Schools and methods to improve Indoor Air Quality
November 1 and 2nd2-day Grants training workshop with Davis Zhen and Sally Hanft, EPA - note new code and dates early in the month - 866-299-3188, conference code 206-553-2119.
December 8First, Pulp and Paper and MACT air quality standards from EPA's John Bradfield (comment period will be open shortly after that time), and second, University of Washington's Gwen Ottinger on Citizen Science and Influencing Policy.

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