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National Priorities with a Local Focus: Region 10's Approach for Implementing EPA's Seven Priorities

The greatest achievements in environmental protection occur when a team works collaboratively toward a clear set of objectives. As the Regional Administrator for Region 10, I believe each and every one of us in the Region can help to set a course for our work over the next several years by aligning our priorities with EPA's national priorities. Those priorities are:

  1. Taking Action on Climate Change
  2. Improving Air Quality
  3. Assuring the Safety of Chemicals
  4. Cleaning Up Our Communities
  5. Protecting America’s Waters
  6. Expanding the Conversation on Environmentalism and Working for Environmental Justice
  7. Building Strong State and Tribal Partnerships
In this document, we have set out objectives and actions to meet each priority. By organizing our objectives around EPA's national priorities, we are working as One EPA toward our collective mission of protecting human health and the environment. The actions listed in this document are for Fiscal Years 2011 and 2012. We will continue to develop new actions for the coming years. To ensure these actions continue to remain relevant and up to date, we will post public progress reports online each year which reflect these new actions.

As you read through the objectives and actions, you will find that some of our proposals start new efforts that embody innovation and change. In other cases, we propose to continue or enhance existing efforts that have proven to be effective. We will use the Regional priorities to guide decisions regarding the best use of resources and to develop and deepen our collaborative partnerships.

In addition to aligning our work with the Administrator’s priorities, we have committed to Three Foundational Principles: Integrating Sustainability; Maintaining Core Programs (Especially Enforcement); and Strengthening EPA’s Workforce and Capabilities. These principles are described in greater detail in this document and are important in describing how we intend to achieve our objectives.

Indeed, there is much more to what we do that may not fit neatly within a particular priority or principle. Our work and the manner in which we do it remain critical to our collective success. I expect all of us to make vital contributions to One EPA through all aspects of our work in Region 10. The high standards reflected in the guiding statements apply to each of us in equal measure.

    --November 2011

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