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Materials Management Through Sustainable Consumption Webinar Series

About This Speaker Series

We invite guest speakers to share their views on sustainable consumption to get participants thinking and talking about new strategies for achieving our environmental goals.

Please note the opinions, ideas, or data presented by non-EPA speakers in this series do not represent EPA policy or constitute endorsement by EPA.


Contact: Viccy Salazar
(, 206-553-1060

EPA's Materials Management through Sustainable Consumption Webinar Series is designed to provide examples of communities around the U.S. and internationally that are reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through creating more sustainable patterns of consumption. This webinar series focuses on helping regulators and environmental management experts share information about existing research, programs and practices. It also shares perspectives from citizens and businesses.

This information supports communities seeking to reduce their GHG emissions, wastes and other environmental impacts through a focus on sustainable consumption, including source reduction. Source reduction minimizes the quantity and toxicity of materials that later need to be disposed of, and is identified under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) as a key strategy for achieving our long-term environmental goals. Source reduction also helps to reduce GHG emissions, which are regulated pollutants under the Clean Air Act.

EPA recently released a report - Opportunities to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Materials and Land Management Practices - which shows that over 40 percent of the GHG emissions in the U.S. can be attributed to the life-cycle impacts associated with the manufacture, distribution, sale, use and disposal of the goods and food we consume.

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Webinar Schedule

October 10, 2012Why Sustainable Consumption: Opportunities and BarriersDavid Allaway, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Duke Castle, Natural Step Network
November 13, 2012Why Sustainable Consumption Part 2: The Business Case for Sustainable ConsumptionRobert ter Kulie, Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability, PepsiCo;
Kevin Myette, Director of Product and Supply Chain Sustainability, REI
December 11, 2012Public Attitudes Regarding Sustainable ConsumptionTom Bowerman, Policy Interactive;
Connie Roser-Renouf, George Mason University's Center for Climate Change Communication;
Maria Csutora, Sustainability Indicators Research Center at Corvinus University of Economic Sciences
February 12, 2013Outreach Strategies to Promote Thoughtful ConsumptionBabe O’Sullivan, City of Eugene, OR
Alicia Polacok, City of Portland, OR
Leslie Carlson, Marketing and communications
March 12, 2013Harnessing Social Media and Electronic Platforms for Repair and Peer to Peer Sharing in CommunitiesKyle Wiens, iFixit
Adam Werbach, Yerdle
April 9, 2013Addressing Consumption in Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Climate Action PlanningDavid Allaway, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality;
Matt Kuaharic
, King County, Washington;
Shannon Davis
, Environmental Protection Agency
May 14, 2013International Perspectives and Efforts in Sustainable ConsumptionDerry Allen, Counselor, EPA's Office of Environmental Policy Innovation;
Jeffrey Barber, Executive Director, Integrative Strategies Forum;
Ted MacDonald, EPA's Office of Global Affairs and Policy;
Lars Fogh Mortensen, Head of Sustainable Consumption & Production Group, European Environment Agency (EEA)
June 25, 2013Valuing "Stuff": Innovative Ways to Better Understand Consumption, Materials, and the US EconomyMadalyn Cioci, Senior Program Administrator, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency;
Sean McGuire, Director of Sustainability Policies, Maryland Department of Natural Resources
September 10, 2013Driving Change with the Story of Stuff’s Annie LeonardAnnie Leonard, Founder of the Story of Stuff Project and author of The Story of Stuff (Free Press, March 2010)
September 24, 20132050 Vision for Materials Management: New Frontiers in Sustainable ConsumptionAbby Boudouris and Jordan Palmeri, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
December 10, 2013Climate Friendly Government PurchasingMadalyn Cioci, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency;
Leslie Kochan, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality;
Tina Simcich, Washington State Department of Ecology
February 11, 2014Research Findings on Effective Waste Prevention StrategiesDavid Allaway, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Sara Giorgi, Brook Lyndhurst, London, United Kingdom
Babe O’Sullivan, City of Eugene, OR
You can download copies of presentations and videos from past webinars on EPA's file sharing site at

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