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Docket and Listing Information

Reviewing the Listing Docket (Top)

You may view the documents, by appointment only, in the Headquarters or the Regional dockets after the appearance of the proposed rule. The hours of operation for the Headquarters docket are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday excluding Federal holidays. Please contact the Regional dockets for hours.

Following is the contact information for the EPA Headquarters Superfund Docket:
Public Reading Room, Room B102
EPA West Building
1301 Constitution Avenue
Washington, D.C., 20004
(Please note this is a visiting address only. Mail comments to EPA Headquarters as detailed below).

You may also request copies from EPA Headquarters or the Regional dockets. An informal request, rather than a formal written request under the Freedom of Information Act, should be the ordinary procedure for obtaining copies of any of these documents.

The contact information for the Region 10 Docket is as follows:

Denise Baker-Kircher
Region 10, U.S. EPA, 11th Floor,
1200 6th Avenue, Suite 900, Mail Stop ECL-115,
Seattle, WA 98101; 206/553-4303;

Frequently Asked Questions About Docket Review (Top)

Q: What Documents Are Available for Public Review at the Headquarters Docket?

A: The Headquarters docket for this rule contains: HRS score sheets for the proposed site; a Documentation Record for the site describing the information used to compute the score; information for any site affected by particular statutory requirements or EPA listing policies; and a list of documents referenced in the Documentation Record.

Q: What Documents Are Available for Public Review at the Regional Dockets?

A: The Regional dockets for this rule contain all of the information in the Headquarters docket, plus the actual reference documents containing the data principally relied upon and cited by EPA in calculating or evaluating the HRS score for the sites. These reference
documents are available only in the Regional dockets.


Addresses: By Postal Mail: Mail original and three copies of comments (no facsimiles or tapes) to Docket Coordinator, Headquarters; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; CERCLA Docket Office; (Mail Code5305T); 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW; Washington, DC 20460.

By Electronic option: Follow the steps at and enter Keyword: NPL.

Frequently Asked Questions About Comments on Proposed Listings (Top)

Q: What Happens to My Comments?

A: EPA considers all comments received during the comment period. Significant comments will be addressed in a support document that EPA will publish concurrently with the Federal Register document if, and when, the site is listed on the NPL.

Q: What Should I Consider When Preparing My Comments?

A: Comments that include complex or voluminous reports, or materials prepared for purposes other than HRS scoring, should point out the specific information that EPA should consider and how it affects individual HRS factor values or other listing criteria (Northside Sanitary Landfill v. Thomas, 849 F.2d 1516 (D.C. Cir. 1988)). EPA will not address voluminous comments that are not specifically cited by page number and referenced to the HRS or other listing criteria. EPA will not address comments unless they indicate which component of the HRS documentation record or what particular point in EPA's stated eligibility criteria is at issue.

Q: Can I Submit Comments After the Public Comment Period Is Over?

A: Generally, EPA will not respond to late comments. EPA can only guarantee that it will consider those comments postmarked by the close of the formal comment period. EPA has a policy of not delaying a final listing decision solely to accommodate consideration of late comments.

Q: Can I View Public Comments Submitted by Others?
A: During the comment period, comments are placed in the Headquarters docket and are available to the public on an ``as received'' basis. A complete set of comments will be available for viewing in the Regional docket approximately one week after the formal comment period closes.

Q: Can I Submit Comments Regarding Sites Not Currently Proposed to the NPL?

A: In certain instances, interested parties have written to EPA concerning sites which were not at that time proposed to the NPL. If those sites are later proposed to the NPL, parties should review their earlier concerns and, if still appropriate, resubmit those concerns for consideration during the formal comment period. Site-specific correspondence received prior to the period of formal proposal and comment will not generally be included in the docket.

The preceding information was extracted from Federal Register: July 27, 2000 (Volume 65, Number 145) Proposed Rules, Page 46131-46137, and customized for Region 10 customers.

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