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Astoria Marine Construction Company

Site Information


Brandon Perkins (, Site Assessment, 206-553-6396

Ken Marcy (, NPL Coordinator, 206-890-0591


Astoria Marine Site Location Map (PDF) (1 pp, 2MB)

Site Description: The Astoria Marine Construction Company (AMCC) property is located in Clatsop County at the confluence of Jeffers Slough and the Lewis and Clark River in the Columbia River Basin. AMCC is an active shipyard engaged primarily in boat repair. During the almost nine decades of operation, chemicals used in boat building and repair have contaminated soil, groundwater and sediments. Investigations at the site revealed the petroleum, organotins, and heavy metals among the contaminants.

EPA began a site investigation in 2007 with sampling in 2008. The sampling confirmed the presence of contamination from a number of sources at the site. The site has been proposed to the EPA's National Priorities List (NPL) of contaminated sites. If it is added to the NPL, EPA will conduct a comprehensive site investigation.


Documents supporting the proposed NPL listing can be viewed the Astoria Public Library, 450 10th St., Astoria, OR 97103, (503) 325-7323; or the EPA Records Center, 1200 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101, (206) 553-4494.

Site Contamination

Contamination has been found in both soil, sediments and groundwater at the site. Contaminants of concern were found in multiple locations. These contaminants include: petroleum hydrocarbons, organotins, semi volatile organic compounds and volatile organic compounds and heavy metals.

Investigation and Cleanup Activites

We are proposing to add the Astoria Marine Construction Company site to the National Priorities List (NPL). If the site is added to the NPL, a comprehensive site investigation will take place.

  • Site investigation began in 2007
  • Samples take in 2008 confirmed the presence of contamination from a number of sources at the site
Site Risks

Risk to People
Soil: Access to the site is limited to those with permission.
Water: At this time, the groundwater plume is being closely monitored to ensure that residences in the surrounding area that use groundwater for their drinking water source remain safe.

Risk to Wildlife

The Lewis and Clark River and the Columbia River have been designated as critical habitat and migratory pathways for a number of fish species.

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