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Industrial Chrome Plating

The Industrial Chrome Plating site is located in a mostly residential neighborhood on the southeast corner of NE 62nd Avenue and NE Hassalo Street in Portland, Oregon. The Portland Rifle Club and Deluxe Fuel are west of the site; an empty lot is to the east. The southern boundary of the property borders the City of Portland’s Tri-Met transportation railroad track and Interstate Highway 84, which are in a swale known as Sullivan Gulch. Runoff water from the site flows to the gulch and railroad tracks, and access is unrestricted.

Fact Sheets
Hazardous Waste Cleanup Starting Soon - August 2001

Pollution Reports
October 20, 2001 (23kb, 9pp, .pdf file)
October 13, 2001 (25kb, 9pp, .pdf file)
October 6, 2001 (25kb, 9pp, .pdf file)
September 29, 2001(24kb, 8pp, .pdf file)
September 22, 2001 (24kb, 8pp, .pdf file)
September 15, 2001 (23kb, 8pp, .pdf file)
September 1, 2001 (25kb, 7pp, .pdf file)
September 8, 2001 (24kb, 7pp, .pdf file)

Administrative Records
image - newIndustrial Chrome Plating Co. Removal AR September 9, 2003

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