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Umatilla Army Depot (Lagoons)

Windrow Composting
At the time this project was done, composting was an innovative technology. Umatilla was the first full scale application of explosives composting in the U.S., SUBASE Bangor was second. Since that time, it has surpassed incineration as the most commonly used method to treat explosives contaminated soil, with about 8 or 9 full scale applications.
Composting Saves Millions Naturally
The Composting Alternative to Incineration of Explosives Contaminated Soils
Innovative Use of Compost - Composting of Soils Contaminated by Explosives

Technical Documents on Windrow Composting
Federal Remediation Technology Roundtable
Other Technologies Used
There are several other technologies used at Umatilla, including 1) solidification/ stabilization of mixed metals and explosives in soils and 2) on-site analytical methods for explosives in soil and groundwater that are significant from a cost and performance standpoint. These are highlighted in the BRAC Success Story publication.

Technical Documents on On-Site Analytical Methods
Field Sampling and Selecting On-Site Analytical Methods for Explosives in:
Decision Documents
Third Five-Year Review (PDF) (99 pp. 2MB) - March 11, 2010
Concurrence Letter for Third Five-Year Review (PDF) (2 pp. 134K) - July 30, 2010
Final Record of Decision for Site 39 (74 p 1.4 MB .pdf) - May 4, 2005
Second Five-Year Review (58 pp 2.3 MB .pdf) - November 19, 2004
Explanation of Significant Differences (ESD) for Ammunition Demolition Activity Area (41 p 321 KB .pdf) - Operable Unit, Site 19E/F - June 27, 2002

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