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St. Maries Creosote

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The St. Maries Creosote Site is located on the edge of the City of St. Maries, Idaho, along the south bank of the St. Joe River. Studies done by the potentially responsible parties and EPA found that sediments, soils and groundwater have been contaminated with creosote from the former wood-pole treating plant.

EPA released its revised Proposed Plan for cleaning up the site in December 2006. The public comment period was held from December 6, 2006 to January 5, 2007, and a public hearing held on December 13, 2006. On July 20, 2007, EPA signed the final cleanup plan for the site, known as the Record of Decision (ROD) (PDF) (187 pp, 4MB to start). The Consent Decree (PDF) (64 pp, 2.3MB), a legal document governing the cleanup, became effective on February 9, 2010.

IDHW’s Health Assessment for the St. Maries site Exit EPA Disclaimer is now available.


Docket and Listing Information (includes how to review the docket and how to comment on the listing)
Site Narrative - December 1, 2000
HRS Documentation Record (PDF) - December 1, 2000
75215 - 75221 Federal Register / Vol. 65, No. 232 - Friday, December 1, 2000 Proposed Rules
Federal Register Proposed Rules (PDF) - December 1, 2000
NPL Docket Index (PDF) - December 15, 2000

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Technical Documents

Record of Decision (ROD) (PDF) signed July 20, 2007. (187 pp. 4 MB to start)
December 2006 Revised Proposed Plan (PDF) (44pp, 763K)
July 17, 2006 Feasibility Study (PDF) (247pp. 7.6MB)
Proposed Plan (PDF) (44pp, 1.4MB) -July 2005
Remedial Investigation and Feasiblity Study (RI/FS) - March 15, 2002 Statement of Work for Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (PDF) (32 pp, 66K) - August 2001
Administrative Order on Consent for RI/FS (PDF) (35 pp, 75K)-August 27, 2001

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Fact Sheets

Soil Testing Gathers Information for St. Maries Cleanup (PDF) (2 pp, 1.7MB) - October 2011
Comments Due By Dec.17 on Proposed Consent Decree for St. Maries Creosote Site Cleanup (PDF) (2 pp, 772K)
EPA Issues Cleanup Decision (PDF) (4 pp, 197K)
EPA Requests Public Comment on Revised Cleanup Plan (PDF) (6 pp, 280K) - November 2006
EPA Encourages Public Comment on Proposed Cleanup Plan (4 pp, 642K) - July 2005
Community Involvement Plan (PDF) (9 pp, 116K) - August 2002
Community Interviews: EPA Would Like to Hear From You (PDF) (4 pp, 19K) - May 2002
City and Carney Products to Take Lead on Site Investigation (PDF) (6 pp, 30K) - September 2001
St. Maries Creosote Site Proposed to NPL (PDF) (2 pp, 19K) - December 2000

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For general information:
Debra Sherbina (, Community Involvement Coordinator, 206-553-0247 or toll free at 1-800-424-4372

For technical information:
Helen Bottcher (, Remedial Project Manager, 206-553-6069

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