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Sitcum Waterway

Site Summary

The Sitcum Waterway Problem Area comprised a 55-acre area of contaminated marine sediments. Sediments were contaminated with metals (arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel, and zinc) and PAHs above the sediment quality objectives identified in the Record of Decision. Primary contaminant sources included historical releases of metal ores handled at Terminal 7, and releases from a stormwater outfall (SI-172) that discharges runoff from an industrial and commercial area covering approximately 170 acres. Approximately 428,000 cy of contaminated sediments were dredged and disposed of in the Milwaukee Waterway Nearshore Confined Disposal Facility. The Milwaukee Waterway Habitat Area (approximately 20 acres of intertidal habitat) and the Clear Creek Habitat Improvement Project are the mitigation sites for the Sitcum Waterway Remediation Project.

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