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Union Pacific Railroad, Wallace-Mullan Branch, Northern ID.

Response Action Summary
The mine waste-related contamination has concentrations of lead and other heavy metals that are above levels considered safe for protection of human health and the environment. A combination of response actions are being proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to address this mine waste contamination. The proposed response actions have been selected from a number of alternatives that were evaluated within the Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis (EE/CA) (PDF) (250 pp, 19MB).

The preferred response action includes installation of protective asphalt and/or vegetative barriers, removal/disposal of selected mine waste contaminated materials, and control of access and use of right of way through trail design and signage/educational efforts. Due to the variety of conditions and terrain along the right of way, the EE/CA should be consulted directly for further details about a particular location.

For more information: The Administrative Record file, including the EE/CA and other information related to the Union Pacific Railroad response action, is available for review during library hours at:

EPA, Region 10
1200 6th Avenue, Suite 900
Seattle, Washington 98101

Hard copies of the EE/CA document may be requested by calling EPA at (800) 424-4372, extension 8578.

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