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H&M Oil Site

The H & M Oil, Inc., Triangle site is an oil storage facility located in Pocatello, Idaho. The site is located at the intersection of three streets; West Maple, First, and Madison Streets that come together to form a triangle (Latitude 42' 52.49, Longitude 112' 27.59). The facility is composed of three vertical above ground storage tanks (ASTs), drums, and a portable storage container. The ASTs contain waste oil, water, & sludge. The capacity of the ASTs range from 8,000 to 12,000 gallons.

Idaho Department of Environmental Quality referred the site to EPA as a potential major inland spill. In summary:

Read more about it in the Initial Pollution Report (April 4, 2001)
Final Pollution Report - May 10

Fact Sheet
May 2001 - Cleanup to begin
May 10, 2001:
image 55 gallon drums
55 gallon drums
image free floating oil
free floating oil
image leaking piping
leaking piping
image oil sludge stored in container
oil sludge stored in container
image oil spills
oil spills
image stained soil
stained soil
image opening tanks
opening tanks
image tank being loaded onto truck for removal
tank removal
image  clean site
clean site

H&M Oil above ground storage tanks.

Snow covered contaminated soil in the tank farm secondary containment.

Two of the 10,000 gallon above ground storage tanks.

10,000 gallon tank leaking unsecured value in the secondary containment.

Piled up contaminated soil & unsecured value attached to 10,000 gallon tank.
Community Involvement Coordinator:
Charles Bert (206) 553-0225

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