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Region 10 Risk Management Program

Contact us

For technical assistance, call the RMP Hotline at 1-800-424-9346.

For other questions, contact Javier Morales ( at (206) 553-1255.

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EPA's Risk Management Program (RMP) helps prevent and prepare for releases of toxic and flammable substances that have the potential for catastrophic consequences. Learn more about the Risk Management Program

Tools and Resources

Sample Documents

Sample Ammonia Refrigeration Process Chemistry Statement (PDF) (1 page, 12K)
RMP/PSM Filing and Document Control/Circulation Policy (PDF) (5 pp, 45K)
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency - Accidental Release Prevention Compliance Tools Exit EPA Disclaimer 
Industry-specific Guidance:
Accident Prevention and Response Manual for Anhydrous Ammonia Refrigeration System Operators (PDF) (80 pp, 1.5MB)
Ammonia Refrigeration, Propane Storage, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Warehouses, Chemical Distributors
Ethanol Plants: CAA EPCRA/RMP Guidance (PDF) (104 pp, 3MB)
RMP Inspection Tips for Agricultural Ammonia Retailers
Preparing for an Inspection

These checklists are used by EPA inspectors during facility RMP inspections:

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