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Alaska Water Quality Standards

The Water Quality Standards (WQS) program in Alaska is managed by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC). Alaska's WQS may be found on ADEC's web site Exit EPA Disclaimer.

Alaska's WQS are not effective for Clean Water Act (CWA) purposes unless EPA has approved them. Please contact ADEC or EPA if you have any questions about whether any portion of Alaska's WQS is effective for CWA purposes.

Alaska, from time to time, revises its WQS and submits the revised WQS to EPA for EPA's review and approval under the CWA. The following table lists changes to Alaska WQS that are currently under EPA review, are expected to be submitted to EPA for review in the near future, or were recently reviewed by EPA. The table contains selected documents associated with EPA's review.

The purpose of this table is to support EPA's government-to-government consultation with Federally-recognized Alaska Tribes by providing an easily accessible Internet site for participants to access certain documents associated with consultations. EPA attempts to provide timely and updated information and material in this table. However, the documents on this site may not be final or official versions of documents. Contact EPA if you have any questions (see contact information above).

Recent Changes to Alaska Water Quality Standards Reviewed or Under Review by EPA Region 10 (Selected documents associated with review)
You will need Adobe Reader to view the files in this table. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.
State public notice documents
(See Note 2)
State submittal of revised WQSGovernment-to-Government ConsultationESA and EFH consultationFinal action
2003 WQS revisions
Partial Approval 2004
(See Note 1)
EPA's Partial Approval and List of Approved Revisions Letter (PDF) (5 pp, 1MB)
DO/analytical methods
Approval 2006
Public notice -FAQs (PDF) (1 pg, 19K)

Public notice - regulation (PDF) (7 pp, 37K)
Submittal package (PDF) (23 pp, 1.8M)Consultation invitation letter (PDF) (3 pp, 27K)“No effect” memo (PDF) (5 pp, 43K)Methods approval letter (PDF) (4 pp, 54K)
DO approval letter (PDF) (6 pp, 113K)
Mixing zones


Public notice - letter (PDF) (4 pp, 37K)

Public notice -regulation (PDF) (5 pp, 37K)

Public notice -guidance (PDF) (4 pp, 37K)

Public notice -old-new comparison (PDF) (2 pp, 37K)
Submittal package (PDF) (41 pp, 2MB)

Submittal package - addendum (PDF) (2 pp, 23K)

July 1, 2008 DNR amendment (PDF) (62 pp, 355K)

State submittal of revised WQS (PDF) (28 pp, 1.8MB)
Consultation invitation letter (PDF) (3 pp, 165K)

Feb 06 info exchange cc agenda (PDF) (1 pg, 13K)

Feb 06 info exchange cc notes (PDF) (18 pp, 111K)

Ekwok July 06 presentation (PDF) (19 pp, 110K)

Ekwok July 06 follow-up (PDF) (6 pp, 212K)

ATCEM 10-06 update (PDF) (3 pp, 38K)

Update note 1-23-07 (PDF) (2 pp, 40K)

Update note 10-19-07 (PDF) (1 pg, 55K)

Update note 1-18-08 (PDF) (1 pg, 47K)

Update note 4-4-08 (PDF) (1 pg, 56K)

Update note 5-20-08 (5 pp, 209K)

Public notice - factsheet (PDF) (2 pp, 29K)

Public notice - regulation (PDF) (6 pp, 57K)

Public notice - guidance (PDF) (5 pp, 457K)
Submittal cover letter (PDF) (2 pp, 131K)

Adopted regulation (PDF) (11 pp, 441K)

Implementation guidance (PDF) (31 pp, 196K)

DOL certification (PDF) (9 pp, 265K)

DEC response to comments (PDF) (5 pp, 33K)

DEC fact sheet (PDF) (2 pp, 38K)
Consultation invitation letter (PDF) (2 pp, 304K)
Natural conditions

Public notice – letter (PDF) (2 pp, 23K)

Public notice - guidance (PDF) (71 pp, 817K)
Consultation invitation letter (PDF) (2 pp, 58K)

    Note 1: On February 27, 2004, EPA partially approved Alaska Water Quality Standard (WQS) revisions. EPA took no action on the acute and chronic freshwater aquatic life criteria for selenium and mercury or on the removal of the fluoride and odor secondary drinking water standards. EPA needs to conduct additional work to complete its review. Therefore, the new aquatic life criteria for mercury and selenium will not be in effect for CWA purposes until a decision is made by EPA about whether they can be approved. In the interim, the previously approved aquatic life criteria for mercury (2.4 ug/l acute and 0.012 ug/l chronic, both as total recoverable) and selenium (20 ug/l acute and 5 ug/l chronic, both as total recoverable) will remain the applicable CWA standards and will be retained in the CWA WQS docket until EPA acts on this revision (65 FR 24643). The secondary drinking water standards for fluoride (2.0 mg/l) and odor (3 threshold odor number) will remain in effect for CWA purposes.
    Note 2: Any questions regarding State public notice documents should be directed to the State contact (see contact information above)


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