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Storm Water Construction General Permit Requirements

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    This page provides links to relevant National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) storm water construction permit information for Idaho, Indian Country and most federal facilities in the Pacific Northwest. Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Washington Department of Ecology and Oregon Department of Environmental Quality are the NPDES permitting authorities in their jurisdictions.

    Do I need a Construction General Permit? Flow Chart (PDF) (2 pp, 37K)

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Chemical Treatment for Reduction Turbidity

If you plan to use cationic chemicals, you will need to get prior authorization from EPA's Regional Office. The following documents will help you compile the information that EPA needs to review your cationic chemical application.

How to Apply for a permit

  1. Read the Construction General Permit (CGP) (PDF) (158 pp, 4.25MB).
  2. Develop a StormWater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for your construction site.
  3. Complete an endangered species determination for the project site (details are noted in the CGP).
  4. Get authorization from EPA if you plan to use chemical treatment (most projects do not) - See box on right
  5. File a Notice Of Intent (NOI), which can be done electronically using this tool: Electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI)
  6. Implement the Best Management Practices (BMPs) outlined in the SWPPP.

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    Projects operated by Federal Agencies in the State of Washington must apply for coverage under EPA’s Construction Permit. Projects operated by state or private entities must apply for coverage under Washington’s Construction Permit, even for projects on federal lands.


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