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NPDES Permits Unit Staff Directory

NPDES Contacts Located in Seattle, WA

NameProgram AreaTelephone NumberE-mail Address
John AbbottsAdministrative Support(206)
Karen BurgessNPDES State Oversight Team Lead(206)
John DrabekPermit Writer(206)
Catherine GockelPermit Writer(206)
Cindi GodseyPermit Writer(206)
Lindsay GuzzoPermit Writer(206)
Margaret JohnsonAdministrative Support(206)
Dru KeenanPermit Writer(206)
Michael LePretreatment Coordinator(206)
Michael LidgardUnit Manager(206)
Margaret McCauleyConstruction and Industrial Stormwater Coordinator(206)
Brian NickelPermit Writer(206)
Jill NogiPermit Writer(206)
Susan PoulsomNPDES Team Lead(206)
Erin SeyfriedPermit Writer(206)
Kai ShumPermit Writer(206)
Jamey StoddardNEPA Compliance Coordinator(206)
Misha VakocMunicipal Stormwater Coordinator(206)
Audrey WashingtonAdministrative Support(206)
NPDES Permits Contacts Outside Seattle
Tracy DeGeringPermit Writer
Boise ID
Dirk HelderPermit Writer
Boise, ID
Maria LopezPermit Writer
Boise, ID
Joel SalterPermit Writer
Portland, OR

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